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3 Famous Artists Studios We Have Visited & You Can Explore

All around the world, the impact artists have made are all around us from museums and galleries to their own home studios. Seeing an artist's work on display is captivating, but getting to look inside of their personal studios, the spaces that brought their visions to fruition, immerses you into who they truly are.

The studio spaces of famous artists can be found all around the world, 3 of those studios, located here in the United States we have had the pleasure to visit and explore.

Frank Lloyd Wright and Taliesin West, Scottsdale, AZ

Frank Lloyd is an American Architect who’s unique style and design methods allow him to stand alone in the design world.

Taliesin West is an extremely rare architectural jewel. It was established as a personal dwelling, studio, and an architectural design school. The School of Architecture Taliesin (SoAT) allowed young architects to work directly under Frank Lloyd Wright, learning from him and practicing their skills within the 800 acres that encompass Taliesin.

Resting up in the outskirts of Phoenix in Scottsdale, tucked into the mountains, the structure almost perfectly blends into its surroundings with its unobtrusive color palette and low horizontal lines. Taliesin does not take from the landscape, it is a part of it.

The true beauty in Taliesin is for both its experimental building techniques and its ability to both blend it and connect itself to nature. When it was originally constructed, canvas panels and flaps were the primary material choice, this meant animals were frequent visitors into the building itself. While nature is the driving factor in Frank Lloyd Wright’s inspiration for Taliesin, his desire to educate young designers and architects, is the central focus on the building itself. If you were accepted into this prestigious school, you were not only expected to design on paper, but to physically build and engage on the property in a DIY fashion. In fact, the earliest students at the school, were some of the primary builders of the structure and furniture itself.

Nearly all of Frank Lloyd Wright’s definable architectural elements, which have made him famous, can be found within this single property.

Georgia O’Keeffe and Abiquiu, NM

Georgia O’Keeffe is an American painter and female trailblazer. She is best known for her paintings of enlarged flowers and desert objects such as skulls and her home and the surrounding landscape, served her opportunities for endless exploration both physically and creatively.

Stepping into Georgia O’Keeffe’s home, her design aesthetic is an immediate reflection on her life's work. The home is perched on a hill, allowing the landscape of Abiquiu to pour through the large single pain glass windows, the exact windows she sat in front of and drew inspiration from throughout her life.

Her simply designed hacienda styled home is truly a dream space. The furniture is thoughtful and considerately built some into the building itself, others made from simple hardware store materials all of which is contrasted with sleek luxurious items and vegetation.

I was so inspired by her design aesthetic, that my dad and I, actually built a replica of her own dining table which I now have in my house. Check out an image of my interpretation of Georgia’s table below!

My own Georgia O'Keeffe inspired dining table.

Georgia O’Keeffe’s home in Abiquiu is an absolute must see if you are in the Santa Fe area. Leaving her home studio, you feel deeply inspired to design, create, and paint.

Andy Warhol and Pittsburgh, PA

This space is both a museum with moments set up to represent Warhol’s personal studio. The Andy Warhol Museum is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the city where Warhol was born. The museum holds the largest collection of Warhol’s artworks and archival materials and is one of the most comprehensive single-artist museums in the world and the largest in North America.

It features seven floors of gallery and exhibition space as well as an underground level that houses The Factory education studio and the conservation lab. Paintings, drawings, commercial illustrations, sculptures, prints, photographs, wallpapers, sketchbooks, and books cover the entire range of Warhol’s career, from his early student work to pop art paintings and collaborations. The Warhol’s film and video collection includes approximately 350 preserved Warhol films, and it houses the entire output of the artist’s work in video, comprised of more than 4,000 videotapes. Warhol’s life and work are documented in The Warhol archives. The collection consists of more than 8,000 cubic feet of material—perhaps half a million objects—and is integral to the museum’s storytelling.

Other Artists Studios From Around the World

These are only 3 studio spaces we have had the pleasure to visit, but there are many more across the United States and throughout Europe that are on our bucket list! Here is a list of a few more studios you too can explore;

Jackson Pollock and Lee Krasner, East Hampton, New York

Donald Judd, New York, New York

Louise Bourgeois, New York, New York

David Ireland, San Francisco, California

Frida Kahlo, Coyoacan, Mexico

JMW Turner, Twickenham, England

Constantin Brancusi, Paris, France

Auguste Rodin, Paris and Essoyes, France

Paul Cezanne, Aix-en-Provence, France

Claude Monet, Giverny, Normandy, France

Joan Miro, Mallorca, Spain

Salvador Dali, Portlligat, Spain

Have you visited any artists studios? If so, where and what did you enjoy most about them?

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