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Decorating for the Season and The Art of Seasonal Decorating

I don’t know about anyone else, but the first day I put on a sweater I immediately want to feel that cozy fall feeling inside my house as much as I see the world changing outside.

I like to add holiday decorations, but I have always been a big seasons decorator. For me, this would be items that can stay up for a few months (sometimes more) at a time. Let's me honest, time moves fast so it's can be nice to let decorations hang around for a little while.

Here are a few of my own tips for seasonal decorating.


Use what you have and get thrifty

You don’t need to have a big budget, or any budget, to make your home feel fresh for the season. Switch out pillows, throw blankets, pick up some flowers or fallen foliage on a walk and make your own wreath. Go on a pinecone hunting adventure and put them all in a big bowl for a coffee table decoration. Use recycled items like brown bags to cut out leaf shapes, have your kids use warm colored crayons to make them pop, and hang them on string in a window. If you like things a little more simple, glue them onto a branch from your yard and add into a vase.

If you need a new piece, check out thrift stores or local yard sales. Second hand items are in need of a new home and make a positive impact on our environment. Budget or not, thrifted items have that beautiful pre-loved quality that immediately makes them feel special.


Buy staples that can transition

I look for items in colors and patterns that can work for different times of the year and can fold one season into the next. This also makes it easier for me to leave decorations hanging around the house a little past their season (as I said, hey we are all busy people right!?).

For details on images, scroll to the bottom of this post.

What is a transitional decoration piece? It is something that blends the seasons, this could be based on color, pattern, texture, scent, or simply feeling.

Summer to fall, I look for yellows and oranges with stripes or fun fruit patterns. The fresh oranges of summer move right into fall when they are dried out.

Fall to winter, it's all about the feeling and the print. Something that makes you feel cozy and comfortable. Warm knits, deeper colors with jewel toned accents, and wider stripes mixed in with checkered and plaid prints.

Winter to spring, this is where I really have fun. When it turns from ice cold to rainy (and still cold), I want color, color, color. This is where I will pull out some bright dried flowers and foliage, fun color candles with scents that are bright and warm like sandalwood and jasmine.

Spring to summer, this time of year means bringing the outdoors inside! Think light and airy fabrics, greens, tans, and blues for colors to use in your home, and light woods, linen, and subtle, natural textures.


If you want to spend money, make it timeless

When I want to buy a new seasonal piece, I look for things that are well crafted and fall under my version of timeless. I say “my version” because for all of us timeless means something different. I categorize it as something I could have seen myself liking or using 10 years ago and will *hopefully* still love 10 years down the road.

Artistic and hand crafted items are where I really invest in seasonal pieces. The beautiful thing about these special pieces is that they are what I remember in my parents house when I was a kid. These items are the things I look forward to seeing, and those are the items that I want my family to begin to recognize and get excited about in my own home.

MinncHome on Etsy

Vintage Brass Candlesticks


Think about your storage space

Don’t over buy and buy yourself out of the storage options that you have available.

Anyone else lack storage? Yup, I am right there with you. Thankfully, we have an unfinished attic space, but even up there, it is limited. It gets super hot in the summer and a cold in the winter so not everything can be appropriately stored up there. When I add to my seasonal decorations, I really consider the space I have to store. I look for things that are small and make a big impact, items that don’t need to be in climate controlled rooms, and again, things that can transition. The more transitional items you have, the less time they need to spend in storage!


Above all, have fun

Engage your family and make a day out of it! Have your kids pick out their favorite pieces and decorate their rooms, or do a family project and decorate the mantle or a favorite window in your house.

Paint pumpkins, cut out snowflakes, make ornaments, decorate the yard together, the most important part of this is having fun! Projects that pull the whole family in, really allow your home to be that continual reflective mark of everyone who lives and loves that space.

Let your decorations mirror your family, reflect your personalities, likes, interests, and passions. There is no right or wrong way to decorate your home and you don’t need decorations to feel the seasons changing. Make it right for you!

What are your decorating tips? Do you have a favorite piece that you can’t wait to see each season or holiday?

Information for transitional item photographs;

IKEA Konstfull Vase

LarkspurHill Dried Flowers

Thompson Street Studio on Instagram

Colorful Candles

Ombre Painted Pumpkins

MamuConcept Beige Waffle Blanket

Thrifted baskets

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