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Scroll to view our Frequently Asked Questions, and let us know if we can help you with anything else.


Do we have to wear masks in The Gallery and The Studio? 

Masks are optional for all students and teachers. 

What is your cancelation policy? How do I notifying you we will not be returning for an upcoming session?

Since you have received this email, it means we have your child confirmed in one of our classes.  If you need to pull your child from the class permanently, before the session begins, we need 6-7 days notice to reach out to our waitlist.  Failure to cancel prior will result in inedibility to register for any camp or class unless paid in full upon sign up.


If your child is enrolled with us for a previous session and will not be coming back for the upcoming one, we require a 1 week notice of cancelation so we can reach out to the class waitlist.  Failure to notify us or attend the upcoming session will result in inedibility to register for any camp or class unless paid in full upon sign up. 


Makeup classes are available.  See our makeup class policy below for more information. 

What if my child has to miss a class, do you offer make up classes?

If your child has to miss a class due to sickness, appointments, or any other class conflict please let us know as soon as you are aware they will have to miss class.  You can notify us by emailing and at this time we will arrange a makeup class. 


We do not prorate sessions for missed classes when makeup class times are available. 

What is the different between The Studio and The Gallery? How do I know which building I am in?

The Art Studio has expanded and now is both 5 and 7 Trading Post Way.  Building 7, our original building, is called The Studio, while our new space, building 5, is called The Gallery.  In addition to The Studio being a building, The Studio is the entity under which all of our classes, summer camps, and workshops function, while The Gallery as an entity is our fine art gallery and parties/events.

Kindergarten - 5th grade classes will be in The Studio (7  Trading Post Way) and 6th - 12th grade classes will be in The Gallery (5 Trading Post Way).  Our adult classes and design classes may change buildings.  Additionally, you will be notified what building you are in when you sign up. 

How do I register for a class or camp?

Email your request to  Maddey will get back to you with availability.

What do I need to bring to class? 

During the school year students should bring a sketchbook (any size, partially used one is fine) and a smock (a large, old shirt works well). Sketchbooks are available for purchase for $6.95 + tax in The Art Studio.


Are materials included?

All materials, except for a sketchbook, are included. Occasionally a request for an item be sent to class from home.  We do have smocks available for use, but students may bring their own.


When is payment due?

School year classes – the first day of each session, Summer camps - $10.00 deposit to reserve seat and balance due at the first day of camp, and Birthday parties – $50.00 deposit to reserve date  and the rest is due the day of the party


What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash or check, payable to The Art Studio. Venmo payable to @taslakes.  To find us in Venmo, type @taslakes into the search bar and click the " Business" tab.  Please note; and additional surcharge is added when you select the Venmo payment option. 


Do you offer discounts?

Discounts are given during the school year to families with 3 or more children enrolled in a session.  No discounts are available for our summer camps. 


How do I know when a new session starts?

A reminder email is sent a few days prior to the session with details about dates, lesson, and costs. 


My child may or may not want to take classes all school year.  How do I let you know that he/she wants to continue or discontinue attending?

Once signed up, it is assumed students will be continuing for the rest of the school year. If your child decides to stop, please send an email or reply to the reminder email letting Maddey know, so she may offer the seat to a child on the waiting list.

Where do I look to see if class is cancelled?

If class is cancelled for any reason, an email will be sent to those students expected in class that day.  It will also be emailed to you.  In the case of inclement weather, if schools close or cancel after school activities, The Art Studio typically closes as well.

Please note some of our emails may go to spam, to ensure this does not happen mark our email appropriately. 


May my child bring a snack or drink to class?

Students are welcome to bring a drink (preferably water), but no food or sugary drinks to class.


Does my child have to participate in the Art show? 

Children do not have to submit work for the Art Show.  Once students realize their work is on display, not them, they usual get excited about participating.   Our art show is typically the second to last Saturday in May and happens in both The Studio and The Gallery. 


How does my child get involved in submitting a flower piece to the Philadelphia Flower Show?  

Information about the show and how to enter will be posted on The Art Studio website when we receive information from the committee.  The 2023 International Flower Show will be held in March.  With that in mind, we will begin working on pieces in the late fall

Have another question not mentioned here?

Please email Maddey at with your question.

Cancelation and Make Up Class Policy
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