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15 Creative Art Presents to Give for the Holidays

Giving presents can be hard especially if you don’t know what that person already has. Personally, I have always enjoyed receiving art based presents. No matter if you have something similar, you can create it in a new exciting way.

So what to give? Here are just a few ideas for a variety of ages to help inspire you and those you love to get creative. Click on the photos to see more information.

1. Lap Loom Weaving Set

Etsy has some of the best Lap Loom weaving sets. I like this one in particular because of the variety of yarn options. You can also just buy the loom and select your own yarn at stores such as Joanne Fabric.

Starting at $19.26

2. Yarn Unicorn

Who doesn’t love unicorns especially when you get to create it yourself. This great kit from Uncommon Goods lets kids make their own cardboard and yarn unicorn. While

this kit is the the Children section, I would not mind getting my hands on it.

Price, $20.00 plus shipping.

3. USA Coloring Tablecloth

This coloring present would be fun for an individual or a pair. I really like how each state is represented with unique imagery specific to that geographical area. Kids can have fun coloring the different elements and also learning about the states. It could be fun to have children color each state they have visited!

Price, $30.00 plus shipping.

4. Watercolor station

One of the most intimidating parts of watercolor is getting the right supplies and setting it all up. This Watercolor Station does all of that for you. It’s transportable and allows you to keep all your mess contained in one area. Yes please!

Price, $30.00 plus shipping.

5. Sculpey Monster Kit

Amazon has been a real hero of 2020 and it’s a great place to get presents! If you are sending this present and will not be giving it in person, I would recommend checking off the gifting option when you check out. They exclude the price of the gift and you get to add a note!

Price, $11.99 and free shipping for Prime members.

6. DIY Candle Making Set

If you are anything like me, you burn through a lot of candles. I haven’t taken the opportunity to make my own, in part because there are so many parts and pieces you need to get right. This DIY Candle Making Set from Uncommon Goods makes it easy!

Price, $38.00 plus shipping.

7. DIY Ukulele Kit

This kit completely immerses you in the experience with your Ukulele, beginning with the creation and design process. It is the most expensive items on this list, but for the music lover in your life, this might be the perfect present.

Price, $79.00 plus shipping.

8. Sun Catcher Kit

Everyone loves a stain glass inspired sun catcher! These are no fuss, no mess, and easy to do at home. Like most of the other present ideas, I really like starting with a kit if you don’t know where to begin, but you can also easily source and make your own.

Starting at $12.00 plus shipping.

9. Children’s Vegetable Garden Kit

Just because the temperature is dropping, doesn’t mean we can’t try our hand at some indoor gardening. This kit makes gardening creative, fun, and accessible to all. Even as an adult, I could get into this set.

Price $34.99 plus shipping.

10. Tie Dye

Can we ever go wrong with tie dye? There is something so fun and freeing about tie dye because no matter how experienced you are, there is always that element of surprise. If you have tie dyed before, maybe try making your own natural dyes using natural products such as fruits and vegetables. You can even tie dye your face masks. Just be sure to wash before you wear!

Price $19.49 with free shipping for Prime members.

11. Make Your Own Paint-Pour Canvas Art

We are seeing paint poured canvases really come up in popularity so why not give it a try? This kit is great because it has everything you need; canvases, paint, cups for mixing, and gloves. I would recommend having some extra rags on hand!

Price: $19.99 plus shipping.

12. Abstract Art for Beginners

Abstract art can be one of the hardest artistic ideas for beginning artists to understand. Unlike drawing the human figure or an animal, there is really no right and no wrong way to create under the umbrella of abstract art. This kit leads you through abstract art, and by the end you will be a pro!

Price, $12.99 plus shipping.

13. Comic Book Kit

Who doesn’t love a comic book? This kits gives you everything you need to bring your own superhero to life. Imagine the whole family sitting down and writing a story together. This kit makes creating a comic book a breeze!

Price, $19.99 plus shipping.

14. Holiday Gift Tote

We had to include the two art kits we are offering this year! Our holiday gift tote gives the creative person in your life all the right ingredients to express themselves artistically. Packed full of fine art supplies, the Holiday Gift Tote allows you to choose your own art adventure.

Price $36.00 (pick up at The Art Studio Tuesday - Thursday 4:00pm - 6:30pm)

15. Holiday Supply Bag

Our Holiday Supply bag is the seasonal counterpart to the Holiday Gift Tote. The Holiday Supply Bag is full of everything you need to make 3 artful holiday gifts to give this year. The Supply Bags come with the makings to complete a small canvas (displayed as an ornament or on the provided easel), 2 water color post cards, and Sculpey to make either a keychain or bracelet (or two)!

Price $25.00 (pick up at The Art Studio Tuesday - Thursday 4:00pm - 6:30pm)

There you have it, 15 fun art set and kit ideas to give to the imaginative person in your life. Hopefully some of these will find joy in your home or the homes of those you love.

Remember this year to give what you can, giving kindness, love and lending a hand (near or far) mean just as much as any present.

Have you tried any of these creative kits or ideas? What is your favorite?

*Please note, some of the items on this list may back ordered or out of stock due to high demand during the holiday season since the publishing of this post.

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