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7 Ways to Live an Artful Life

What does it mean to live an artful life?

There most certainly are various definitions and ways to describe it, but for me, it means making the arts a continual and central focus of your life. This could come in the form of art events, buying art, listening to music, home inspiration, reading, cooking, and of course creating!

Let’s start by bringing the actual definitely of artful into the conversation. It is defined as; showing creative skill or taste. I think the key here is skill or taste, you don’t need to be an artist to live an artful life, they are not mutually exclusive and can exist one without the other.

So how can you inject art into your life in skill or taste?



Look for art events in your area. This can be going to art exhibitions, special events or seminars, poetry slams, music festivals or shows, the list is endless. In this digital time, there are so many remote art options to explore such as; artist talks, tutorials, home studio tours, and virtual concerts.

Check out, Grounds for Sculpture, Philadelphia Museum of Art, and Brooklyn Sketchbook Library for some places to start!


Of course we can’t talk about living an artful life without including supporting artists in your community. Support both local and up-and-coming artists by purchasing their art, reading their blogs, liking Instagram posts, and attending exhibition openings. Keep in mind, you don’t need to spend money to support an artist!

Okay you don’t need to blast music, but really explore all of the amazing music artists are creating. Filling your home and life with art most definitely means being explorative through your musical interests and discovering music that is outside of your comfort zone.


In a digital world, it feels impossible not to see what other people are doing and want to take some of those elements into our own lives. Next time you are tempted to go to Pinterest to look up kitchen cabinets, head to Google and search some artists. Check out Georgia O’Keefe or Frank Lloyd Wright kitchens and incorporate some of their design aesthetics into your own spaces.

Of course, Pinterest is a great source for details or picking specific things out, but rather then replicate someone else’s kitchen, get inspired by artists!


So we are really filling your life with art, but of course, art and literature go hand in hand. Literature is both a source of inspiration for visual artists and an art form in and of itself. Living an artful life is also about continual growth, and education through literature is really a top way to continue to expand your horizons.



While you fill up your cup with art events, music, and inspiration, don’t forget to fill up your plate with recipes and culinary experimentation. Food is another form of art that feeds our soul! We can look and talk about how to pull art into our lives, but if we don’t have a full belly, we can’t get the other things accomplished. You don’t need to spend a lot to eat well. Enjoy food from different cultures, learn about other methods of cooking, and try out new places. Being adventurous through food will radiate into other parts of your life!



There is no better way to live an artful life than to surround yourself with personal touches. When we think of doing home projects, it’s easy to lean into thinking “Oh I’m not creative” or take all of our ideas from other artists and creators. While they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, we certainly want to flex our own creative skills and come up with some really unique ideas. Put a spin on something to make it your own, rent or borrow some power tools, dig up some paints from your shed, and make it happen!


What are some ways you live an artful life or integrate art into your life? Let us know in the comments below!

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