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Being a Freelance Artist, Fighting for your Passion, and Making it Happen

Let’s get down to it, anyone who has said they have wanted to pursue a career in the arts has come up against this dreaded statement, “Art? You won’t make any money as an artist.” How can we get to a place where young artists can proceed confidently into what they love? Likewise, how can we, as young artists, feel confident pursuing our passion?


Being a Freelance Artist

What is a freelance artist? It is a self employed artist who is hired by clients to create artworks or services related to their selective artistic endeavors. Clients can hire artists for singular projects or for extended periods of time.

All of this means you are your own business and branding manager, content creator, representative, finance department, and everything a large company would have. You are grabbing the reigns and doing it all!

Fighting for Your Passion

Individuals who choose to pursue a career in the arts are taking a stand. A stand that in of itself states, I am choosing a career that will bring me happiness throughout my life. Happiness doesn’t equate to easy, but it means the battles will have your passion to fuel it. While so many of us are able to choose to follow our passion and make it into a career, let’s be sure to always lift up those around us also following their childhood dreams.

Fighting for your passion also does not mean being argumentative, it means really going for it. Throw yourself into the process so at the end of each day you can say, “today I have given it my all.” It can be challenging to carve out time to sit and create each day, especially when there are projects around the house to be done, appointments to get to, and calls and emails to be made. Keep in mind, being a freelance artist is your job! Taking 6+ hours a day to create isn’t selfish, it is your livelihood.

Making it Happen & Setting Yourself Up for Success

Now what can you do to be successful and how can you make this career a lifelong journey for yourself?

First, have conviction in your decision. Feel confident in your choice and dive in. Create without fear and pivot if you feel your art needs a new direction or source of inspiration. As a freelance artist, you are going to need to promote and talk about your own work. Don’t be scared to practice talking to people to get comfortable with confidently promoting your work.

Second, you will need to think about branding and marketing yourself just like a business. Designing a cohesive brand for yourself that includes a website, Instagram, business cards, and a professional digitized portfolio will make it possible to get yourself out there. Being organized will make you more accessible to others.

Now it is time to really put yourself out there. Google “Call for Artists” or “Juried Exhibitions.” Look and pop into local galleries and hand out your business card, create content to post on Instagram and give love back to other artists in the digital art community with likes and comments. Send love, spread love, and hopefully you will get some in return.


Now if you aren’t sure where to begin and what all this means, we are here to help! We are excited to be offering a Portfolio & Artist Branding Class at The Art Studio beginning the week of April 12th. My sister, Abbey, and I will be bringing our own perspective and experiences to hopefully help you find and pursue your artistic dreams and passions. You can contact us on our website to sign up or email

Now let’s make it happen!

Are you a freelance artist? What tips would you give to your younger self? Let us know in the comments below.

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