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My Sketchbook Journey with the Brooklyn Art Library

My Sketchbook Journey

Last Christmas my daughters gave me an Official Sketchbook for the Brooklyn Art Library as a gift. (I guess they were tired of hearing me say I want to get back to making my own art). This sketchbook project was going to be fun! I thought about starting it often, but continually felt I hadn’t come up with “the idea" needed to fill the pages. Then COVID-19 happened and I had to close the studio. Still hoping to inspire my students, I created weekly drawing exercises for each age group and posted on the studio Instagram. I now had my sketchbook idea.

It has taken me longer than the four weeks to complete the 16 drawings in my sketchbook, but it will join 41,000 artists on the shelves of the Brooklyn Art Library soon. Moving forward, I am using this as an opportunity to set aside a few hours a week to draw in one of my sketchbooks. Not every drawing will be a work of art, but every drawing will be time I devote to expressing myself creatively.

I hope this encourages you to pick up a sketchbook, and not think of it as being too precious to draw in. Pick up a pencil, pen, or marker and start!

If you are looking for a little nudge (like clearly I did), check out our Art Journaling camp, which will be available online until 10/15.

See the video below of some of my drawings.

The Brooklyn Art Library

This library is a fusion of all that we love of books AND art wrapped up in a free museum where you can touch the everything! This small Library is located in the heart of Williamsburg and is home to over 41,000 sketchbooks from 130 countries. Talk about an art hub, this is the place to be!

Founded in 2006, this Brooklyn Art Library is a nonprofit organization that is completely funded by the participation from artists like us!

“Visiting Brooklyn Art Library is a practice in accepting randomness. We encourage you to let the process happen and see what you discover. Oftentimes visitors will be surprised by the most unassuming books, the ones with blank covers and original binding. There are thousands of stories created by people from all over the world, all with something unique to share.”

I can’t wait to add mine and get to see it there in person!

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