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Making Mantras for the New Year

This year has a been an absolute rollercoaster, that I think we can all agree. While it has been challenging, it has made us stronger, smarter, more independent, and resourceful. As we take steps to the start of 2021, we are hopeful for a bright future. It may not be an easy start, but we are armed with everything we have learned from 2020 and most important, armed with hope.

Let’s set ourselves up for a year where we are in the driver's seat, beginning with a quote or mantra that we can lean on and live by. I have found that resolutions can be hard to stick to, but a singular quote, just one sentence, that I can definitely work with!

Before we pick a mantra, let’s understand what they are. Mantra’s originated in Buddhism and Hinduism and are used as a concentration method that is repeated to focus during meditation. Essentially it is a quote that is repeated as a grounding technique.

Developing a mantra means you first need to decide what you need. Once you have decided a portion of your life you wish to strengthen, you can pick a quote, lyric, or poem that embodies that. Keep in mind, mantras should change and grow with you. When you need to strengthen a new area of your life, give yourself a new mantra.


1. First, make a list of things in your life you wish to improve upon or better this year.

2. Armed with that list, pick an inspiring quote, song lyric or poem. Let the quote relate to the area you want to see grow and strengthen.

3. Now on a piece of paper, write down those words in your own handwriting. This will allow you to take ownership of that quote so you can begin to embody it.

4. Once you have written it down, add color, imagery, drawings, collage, make it your own, most important, make it personal!

5. Finally, hang up your art somewhere you can see it everyday - your bathroom, on your nightstand, on the fridge, in your car.

Let yourself lean on those words and find calm in them so even during your hardest moments, you have your mantra and artwork to help ground you. Repeat your mantra, let yourself find solace within its words, and allow it to help you grow and achieve your goals.

Do you have a mantra you live by that you would like to share? How has your mantra helped you to manifest your goals?

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